best electric shaver

Most of men do shaving to upgrade their appearance and make them look smoother as well as cleaner. There are many reasons that make it better to use this kind of shaver than the manual one. But, not all electric shavers sold in the market will meet your needs. This article will help you to pick up the best electric shaver.

Why Electric Shaver?

best electric shaver

There are some reasons why you have to choose electric shaver. Compared to manual razor, this electric shaver will benefit you in many ways.

1. Faster

The first thing that makes electric shaver is better than manual razor is that it can shave faster. This tool is much more practical that all you need to do is just turn it on and start shaving. This will really save your time and energy.

2. Save Money

Most of time, manual razor can’t last long to shave. Moreover you need some additional item for using it includes water, soap, and also shaving cream. But with electric shaver, you don’t need to rely yourself on the using of shaving cream. The tool is also more durable that you don’t need to replace it with the new one constantly.

3. Control Your Stubble

An electric shaver has ability to help you control the shaving intensity. This makes it possible for you to control the amount of the stubble as much as you want. Either you want to maintain your beard or cut it all off, the electric shaver will help you to do that.

4. Enable You to Shave Anywhere

Unlike the manual razor, electric shaver can be easily used anywhere because it is less complicated. If you use the manual one, you will need a sink or shower. But, as long as you have electric outlet just near you then you can use electric shaver. Moreover, the tool is really portable that you can easily carry it while travelling.

How to Pick Up the Rightest Electric Shaver

How to Pick Up the Rightest Electric Shaver

If you want to get the best electric shaver for your needs, you have to consider these following things.

1. Foil or Rotary?

The first thing you have to consider is that whether you will prefer to choose foil razor or rotary. The one that will you choose should depend on the purpose of your shaving. If you would like to just tidy up your beard and keep maintain some of it then the rotary razor is the perfect choice. But if you are kind of person that should do shaving regularly to get clean look, then the foil razor should be your choice.

2. Corded VS Battery Powered VS Plug in

The power consumption and supply is also important thing to consider. If you like something practical, then the plug in electric razor is the right choice. But if you like to travel a lot, the powered battery will be perfect for you. But this is better to avoid picking up corded razor since it is hard to find now and relatively impractical.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning electric razor is very important. The dirty razor will cause you to get infection or the other skin problems around your face. So, this is very important to keep the razor clean after you use it. The cleaning method of the razor is vary depends on the type of the electric shave. If you want to clean foil razor, you have to make sure that you protect the foil first before you clean it. But now, most electric shavers available in the market come with built in cleaning stations. This makes it possible for you to easier clean the tool. In addition, you can also adjust the cleaning level which is based on the dirty level of the shaver.

4. Wet/ Dry Electric Shavers

Due to the harm might be caused by shaving creams or gels, some of wet or dry electric shavers cannot be used to be applied with lubricant products. Thus this will be very essential for you to read the manual instruction thoroughly before you picking up the electric shavers at stores. Another thing you should know is that electric shavers with dry/ wet models can’t be applied while it is plugging in.



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